Ride to Metcalf

September 27th, 2006


Since Arch has been out of town in OKC for training, I had to go it alone on the ride today. I decided to make it a short ride since the weather didn’t look too good. I headed East to Toledo Metcalf airport. Not much was going on over there, although it does look like they are putting in a new taxiway.

From there, I rode to Maumee Bay State Park. I sat on the beach until the rain caught up with me. I decided to continue to the East in order to get ahead of the rain showers.

My next stop was the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. I didn’t stay long because the rain was catching up with me.
I could see the rain in the distance, so I rode South to get around some of the smaller cells. I turned back towards town near Genoa. The sky was starting to get really dark, so I started looking for a gas station or any other building with an awning. Unfortunately, there aren’t any on that side of town. I rode right into a thunderstorm with torrential rain. I got absolutely drenched. The first shelter that I found was the Home Depot on 20 in Perrysburg.

After waiting 10 minutes in the Home Depot entrance, the rain stopped; the sun came out; and I hopped on the bike and headed for home.

We will be riding most Wednesdays until it gets too cold to ride. Initially, we are going to visit the airports that are in our airspace. Check the LCC Calendar for details.

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