Vinnie Leaves OCC

September 8th, 2007
Vinnie DiMartino

Update: Vinnie and Cody will star in a new TV series called Throttle Junkies. Click for more info.
Update: Vinnie and Cody have started their new shop. It’s called V-Force Customs. Check out their new site and tell them we sent you.
V-Force Customs has just unveiled their first bike since leaving OCC and starting their own company. Click here for more info.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but Vinnie DiMartino & Cody Connelly have quit working at Orange County Choppers.
I haven’t watched the show with must interest in recent days because the show is not about building motorcycles anymore. Now its about what they can trade a chopper for. Need a guitar, build a Peavey Bike. Need a Flowjet, build a Flowjet Bike. Need a helicopter, build a Silver State Choppers Bike. You get my point. It’s not about the love of motorcycles anymore.
When I do watch the show, I fast forward through the all of the superfluous stuff. It’s amazing that the very thing that got the show started and built OCC’s business is now taking the back seat to Mikey making models, the crew flying helicopters, or motorcycle jousting.
I’m disappointed that the show that got me interested in motorcycles isn’t about motorcycles anymore; and with Vinnie & Cody out of the picture, I have entirely lost the desire to watch the show.
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  • G-Dog

    I wish Vinnie and Cody the best of luck, I hope that Rick joins them, too. Will I buy a bike from them, probably not, I’m not that rich, but neither will I buy a bike from the Tuttles. But I WILL be behind them spiritually and be one of the countless masses that sway the direction of life in the small ways that we can. If they had a TV show, I’d watch it. In lieue of that, I’m going to go buy a T-shirt and frequently visit their web site to sway the advertising dollars as best I can. I’m also off to write a letter of complaint to Discovery channel…
    Rock on boys!!!

  • William

    Well, based on the amount of comments that favor Vinny`s departure..I guess it was obvious why he felt shafted.
    Yeah, there were “Perks”, little vacations, ect, ect, but to have to put up with the constant Media attention might seem like fun, but it probably gets to be a hassle after awhile, if all you want to do is go to work, do your Job and feel appreciated.
    I have been in Vinny`s shoes, so I knew exactly how he felt..Junior breaking his Tool and making Vin fix it besides, then bossing everyone around? What an A-hole.
    Then you see Mike with a huge House & Inground Pool and how old is he? I have been working my ass off my whole Life and I cant even afford an inground Pool.
    Greed and Ego ruins a good thing all the time,not a new concept at all.
    Good luck Vinny, I could see you were gaining weight slowly but surely, and often that means you are keeping and or letting anger build up inside..believe me, I know from experience.

  • William

    Well, based on the amount of comments that favor Vinny`s departure..I guess it was obvious why he felt shafted.
    Yeah, there were “Perks”, little vacations, ect, ect, but to have to put up with the constant Media attention might seem like fun, but it probably gets to be a hassle after awhile, if all you want to do is go to work, do your Job and feel appreciated.
    I have been in Vinny`s shoes, so I knew exactly how he felt..Junior breaking his Tool and making Vin fix it besides, then bossing everyone around? What an A-hole.
    Then you see Mike with a huge House & Inground Pool and how old is he? I have been working my ass off my whole Life and I cant even afford an inground Pool.
    Greed and Ego ruins a good thing all the time,not a new concept at all.
    Good luck Vinny, I could see you were gaining weight slowly but surely, and often that means you are keeping and or letting anger build up inside..believe me, I know from experience.

  • anonymous

    Seriously, what does Senior do but walk around showing off his huge arms, sit on his arse in the office, have one of his famous yelling sessions? All brawn and no Brain…he lives large off of everyone elses hard work, the way I see it.Everything he does or has, has to be Large to impress.
    Vinnie and Rick were right there with Junior as far as being the backbone and doing the Lion share of the Bike Building/hard work.
    Its amazing what TV exposure does and how wealthy you can become and how quickly because of it, Mansions, Hummers, Big Dogs..everything has to be BIG! and look what that does to your Ego and makes you think you can treat people like Dog crap..

  • anonymous

    For those who argue, we wouldnt even know Vinny if it wasnt for the chance he was given to be a part of it all…Well yeah duh, would anyone know the Teutles otherwise either?
    Would they be reeling in the Money they are now if it wast for the TV exposure? No freaking way, not even close, we saw how things were before TV exposure.
    Everyone rags on Mikey too, and you can tell he has something eating away at him, and doesnt really seem to want to be a part of it all, and looks like he is forced to be, or he might end up out of the loop, so he plays along best he can.
    If your Father wanted you to do something you have absolutely no interest in, would you go to work happy every day?
    .Then you are always being compared to Junior who not only has the Fathers namesake, but is a major contributor with the ideas and themes and IS interested in what he does….Who do you think the Father is likely to favor?
    Another example of not being able to look past your own wants and needs and to be able to see that the people around you are not really all that happy. Selfish greed, egomaniacs. Boy that Hummer sure is comfortable though.

  • Steve K

    If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. The show has plenty of content in regards to building bikes. What’s wrong with throwing in some funny stuff like Mikey’s jousting and the Teutul’s arguing? A show can only be so entertaining if it’s strictly bike fabrication.

  • Vin

    “All right, numb nuts, we got bikes to build”, words from Paul Sr.
    However, it looks like Vinnie and Cody will not be around to take the abuse if there is a season from the number one numb nut.
    It looks like senior paul has stuck his size twelve in his big mouth again!!!! way to go paul sr…., do you ever wonder why people leave you?

  • Terry

    A typical, classic case of ownership not recognizing the true talents of individuals that truly make up the core of an organiziation. Being of an independant company working my ass off to make the business work,(within reason), for a period of time within the powers that I have. One should always realize that without the support, talent, commitment and trust amongst the originators of the company, your time is limited!! The pot of gold in which one has received in light of good fortune, ie: tv programs and such, will eventually come to an end of some sort. Sr. your lucky to have the personnel you have,(for now). Jr., ride the shoulders of the show and realize that you are under your daddy’s wing. (You know it). Micky, get a f%#$%& job and grow up. To all the other guy’s…………… good work and keep it up!!! Funny, this looks like a lot of other corporational situations in America!! Hopefully this is not a tv stint of sorts, so that Vinnie and Cody and whoever else get the possibility to challenge themselves and to potentially gain the riches of their efforts so that they can thumb their noses at the previous establishments and their obvious stupididy in judgement. I really wish I could say what I want to say in whatever words I choose but…….. oh well. This is the internet.
    Good luck to all that deserve it!!!!!

  • Vic

    It must suck being a Tuttle right now, or Teutul.
    French for ass. Actually Vinnie you started in the begining with the show and grew with the show
    and as far as I was concerned you became part of
    the show. Or part of the (family) so to speak.
    It’s really to bad you were not treated as such
    monetarily. I could see the Tuetuls becoming more
    outward with the material things.Becoming wealthier as the shows progressed and I always
    wondered if you where being treated fairly.
    Well it was apparent you weren’t when they showed
    your new house and Pauly Jr. helped you rip up
    the tile, what a mess. Every picture tells a story and anybody could see you weren’t getting
    your fair share. I know life is not always fair.
    You would think to further their success. They
    would have tried harder to keep you as a partner
    and as a part of their family. Their loss.
    I wish you much luck in your future endeavor’s.
    A fan

  • Sr. and his plastic titted gold digger girlfriend are a couple of asses. He treated Vinnie and Cody like shit.
    Do you remember when Cody built a bike a few seasons ago and then Sr. gave the chopper to Cody? Well, that was only on air. Right afterward Sr. Took the bike back. Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself from Cody at the forum at
    Sr. You’re an ass. Jr. You’re more of an ass because you’re a whiner as well. Mikey is the village idiot. Vinnie, Rick and a few others did the work at OCC. But Sr. thinks everyone can be replaced. Well Sr., try replacing the viewers for your now pathetic show and buyers for your mediocre bikes.


    vinnie, you are the best at what you do. it shows on all the custom work you did for the show.
    i will be looking forward to your future to see where your path may lead you.
    i would love to see what you are designing. hope to be able to stop to your shop, wish you the best to you vinnie and of course cody too.

  • Torqueing Heads

    Vinnie and his co workers are the reason for the shows popularity which could quickly turn to disdain if the Tuetuls continue with this arrogant attitude. Personally I don’t enjoy watching the antics of an abusive posturing fool and I would suggest that he would be much easier to replace.

  • tony snow

    that ethanol bike was the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen vinnie had to quit after that garbage…..he was still the coolest guy on that show

  • Sally

    I didn’t even realize Vinnie had left because I quit watching that show many months ago. It used to be my favorite T.V program and I never missed an episode. Then I noticed that Sr. and Jr. were beginning to develop egos and that the show was more about showing their lifestyle than it was about bike-building. Since I became a fan because of the bike-building, the show’s change in focus caused me to stop watching.Vinnie was my favorite character and I wish him luck in his new venture. Hopefully the tv production company is smart enough to realize that Vinnie was the main reason people tuned in to the show. They should drop OCC and offer a new tv show starring Vinnie. I expect that Rick will not be too far behind. Good luck Vinnie.

  • Indian Larry fan

    Never get involved (work for) a family operation. 9 times out of 10, the sons are morons and/or idiots and you’ll have to do most (all) of the work and be paid the least. Worst part though is you’ll have to deal with these morons on a daily basis.

  • Baccala

    I don’t know how they are still on the air with a new season coming out this month, to much other crap happening on that show. Vinnie has never gotten credit for all the work he has done for that family, Rick I hope you are on your way out to be with Vinnie and Cody good luck with your new shop and stick to what your good at….

  • I watch it to.

    When the show first started Vinnie had a brokne down pick up truck he was still driving a Chevy Beretta and his POS house needed a new roof.
    Now he has a nice truck and a Caddy CTS and new house. He is doing fine now.
    Go Vinnie GO….

  • ed

    There is only two words i can say about Vinne great job!!!!!!! there is one bike I konw you put your heart and soul into and it”s the one I have autographed hagging on my wall the “FIRE BIKE” God bless you and your family.

  • Brian

    Just a couple things from my perspective…
    1. I don’t think Sr. was trying to be mean by saying people were replaceable. He said Vinnie was a good worker and good workers were replaceable. It was probably his way of dealing with the loss of such a good worker.
    2. Vinnie is 35. He has probably had the itch to do his own thing for awhile and it’s a good time to start. He knows the ins and outs of the business. He has both the building ability and business knowledge to make things work.
    3. Vinnie probably got tired of being on tv all the time. Honestly, that would get a little old after awhile.
    4. Vinnie probably got tired of working at OCC. It sounds like fun at first but it would get old fast.
    5. Vinnie knew there wasn’t a future for him there. He could build bikes forever and that’s it. Look at the Teutuls. They are in a family business to help the family. Mikey (as much as I love him) will always be so better off than Vinnie and won’t have to work for it. Vinnie is a smart enough guy to realize this.

  • JVtwins

    The Tuetels are scam artists. They build bikes that are barely ridable except in strait lines, pure shit. $150K for a theme bike and they don’t give a shit about chips or cracks, screw the client we are OCC. they have barely graduated from building bikes out of catalouges to the fabricate junk they force onto unknowing corporate clients who don’t know anything about bikes but just think hanging with Big Paul is cool. Great if you admire arrogant fuck heads.

  • Mary

    I was shocked to hear Vinnie leaving OCC. More shocked that he didn’t leave long ago! He and Rick and Cody would make a great team! MAN, I would love to see their show. Sr. and Jr……too much drama! Rick, wake up! They treat you about the same as they treated Vinnie!
    I saw long ago a change in Sr. and Jr. and I stopped watching it. Jr. acts like a spoiled boy who thinks he’s “cock-of-the-rock”. I think a “new” show w/Vinnie and crew would be refreshing. What do you guys think? WE WANT VINNIE! WE WANT VINNIE! WE WANT VINNIE! No, Sr. Vinnie can NOT be replaced! You lost a good man!
    Key words here….you lost!

  • fred melendez

    polli is nothing but a lazy crack head without vinnie the work and show will go nowhere. good thing is vinnie can do it without paula jr in his way,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Full Throttle Firefighter

    So many opinions, so many people passing judgement. I am highly disappointed with what I feel OCC has become. If Vin were employed by me, or any other employee that put their heart in their work, I would have done whatever I could to try and retain them. Perhaps that did happen. The show in my opinion, has lost a tremendous asset. I will no longer watch, nor support OCC in any way.
    Good luck Vin, I will be watching. I feel you are a “stand up” guy who actually believes in family values. It was great to watch you interact with your family on the show. If there is no gag order, I think people should know the truth about what happened when the cameras were off. Consider writing a book maybe. And never, ever forget your roots. Good luck and be safe.

  • Dale Drummond

    Vinne,You made the show as for as being for real.I was watching a show today and got sick to my stomick when I cought a clue that you left.Have not heard why yet.for what ever reason. I am with you. Dale Drummond alias a program going on your own,even if it means cars that I know you would rather be working on.This is a first to my as far as voiceing an opinion on line .Love Ya Dale Drummond alias

  • jman

    OCC doesn’t build bikes. They build themed toys. All “OCC” is a marketing tool companies use. Any bike shop can do what they do.
    Check it…OCC was NEVER on Biker Build off. Hey Paul why is that.
    Vinnie and Rick built most of the bikes, OCC will crumble if Rick ever left.

  • Jason

    I just found out Vinnie’s gone, and watched Sr. get married—who cares? Vinnie was the only sane person on the show. If it’s money, I get that the O.C.C. merchandising and bike sales money goes to the Tuttles and their rich, but the TV show money should go to all those on camera. I hope the networks see our coments and beg Vinnie and Rick to do a show. I saw the guys house and his chevy berretta in episodes. He’s not rich.

  • C. Schroeder

    Its time to put the cancel tag on the door of OCC. I would much rather watch a motorhead show thats not so much drama. Create a motorcycle build show w/ some of the Overhaulin theme. As for Vinnie I hope he does well as I do agree w/ the majority that he was the glue that was holding the show. Its hard to keep real talent down, I look to see him pop up somewhere soon. Good Luck to the Vin man!

  • mikebbikes

    The first episode of the farm bike has just aired tonight here in the UK.To say i was shocked to see Vinny walking out at the end was a shock to say the least!!
    Big mistake OCC,but only time will tell……

  • bigjeff

    Just seen the lastest episode of where vinny leaves, its only just been aired here in the UK.
    It stinks when the people who make bikes and work hard, get nothing, yet lazy people who sit down do sod all, reep the rewards.
    I only hope Rick sees sense and goes to Vinny, as do Christian and Nick, two of the longest serving occ members but who were quickly forgotten about.
    vinny new website

  • Big Dogg Dan

    OCC’s program will go the way that Monster garage did… big build up in the beginning, gain lots of interest… then slowly lose your viewers and then you aren’t crap but put on a video CD and for sale in the 99 cent store. OCC screwed up big time letting Vinnie leave. He did more than the 2 idiots arguing all the time… Mikey.. A.D.D.? isnt something he should be credited with.. he is just mentally slow like his big brother and just acts dumb and stupid. Jason Poole, what a waste of air space.. give that boy some Valium.. his goofy looks and faces , he is just mentally unstable. Dump his ass… he makes me sick. I really feel sorry for Rick.. I bet it not too long before he gets tired of the crap and leaves too.. Good Luck Vinnie, Cody and Rick.

  • William Younger

    Notice how Jr would always come and go whenever he wanted at the shop…so unfair for Vinny to be treated like crap. Sr is a jerk off that thinks he knows whats hes doing…everyone around him is doing all the work while he sits on his fat ass and reaps all of the money…he has no bike building skills at all. Jr has let fame and money go to his head and all he cares about is how much better he is than everyone else…he doesnt even help out anymore. What a joke. Vinny Cody and Rick need their own show and I promise they will get 3x the viewers since OCC is a piece of shit now. I hope OCC’s new world headquarters catches fire and burns down and I hope Vinny, Cody and Rick build their own World Headquarters on top. I promise Vinny would be the coolest boss ever and he knows to treat everyone fairly instead of having greed take over his life like douch bag sr and jr (nice glasses by the way homo) Oh ya notice how Mikey kept telling Vinny he wanted to leave…even Mikey knows what a horrible father he has and that his life is pure hell working for Satan
    Your the man…I hope you take a dump in your Baretta and send it to the Teutles house. Your kids are adorable and I hope you make millions. Your the real bike builder with skills and I hope you get your own Shot.

  • el pajaro

    have not watched occ since vinny left, it is a matter of time before Rick leaves. maybe Mikey
    will be the main builder. occ will be bankrupt within the next 5 yrs.

  • Suzy

    I’m sadden to see all the negative comments on here. Yes Vinnie and Cody have moved on. What none of you have never left a job for what ever reasons. Regardless of the reasons they left. There lives had and will always have OCC brought up in conversations, by fans etc… The reasons they left, them being treated wrong is there battle to fight and I bet if one of the OCC boys were to stand next to you. Most of you would not speak one word of what your saying on here. Leave it alone people. I agree it was time for them to move on and continue to grow. Vinnie was my favorite from the show and I will continue to watch, support and wish him all the luck in the new venture in his life. But at the same time just because someones head is stuck in a cloud or acting like a butthead doesn’t mean you should start with the kidney blows. As if no one on here hasn’t made a mistake they wish they could take back… I believe that the OCC boys will realize they made a mistake one day and then Vinnie and Cody will be able to set back and smile…

  • William Younger

    Sr and Jr have let greed and fame poisin their lives. They treated Vinny like crap and he is the one who made OCC successful. Suzy you obviously have never tasted the true reality of being taken advantage of and I hope one day you will see how evil OCC has become.
    For shame Suzy for shame.

  • Micah

    I’ve closed the comments on this entry. Thank you all for posting.
    You can always find more information about Vin and Cody at their site, V-Force Customs.

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