Brian asked me to post his review of the Tour Master Cruiser II XL Saddlebags from Riders Discount –

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I installed the Tour Master Cruiser II XL saddlebags on my 2007 Yamaha Majesty 400 Scooter.

Installation was easy! I just removed the rear seat, threw the saddlebags over, and bolted the seat back down. I really liked the layer of foam padding on the bike side covering the entire saddlebag. This kept the bags from rubbing against the paint.


Another feature I really liked are the straps that keep the bag closed. The straps look great and hide the quick release clips that actually keep the bags closed.

These bags are really well built, the stitching seems very strong, and I think they will hold up to years of abuse on the road.

Finally, the bags are pretty big. Each one can easily hold a riding jacket, or you can get quite a few groceries packed inside when you need to.

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Tour Master Cruiser II XL Saddlebags

  • Vito

    At speed, how stable are these bags on the side of the scoot? Do they blow around?

  • We ran a piece of parachute cord from the back of one bag to the back of the other around the rear of the scoot, and it was solid. No blowing around at all

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