Sidetrip: Hopewell Rocks

October 18th, 2011


The Hopewell Rocks were not on my original itinerary, but while we were discussing what side trips we’d be doing, I mentioned reading about them in a book called “Motorcycle Journeys through Atlantic Canada.

The rocks were only 45 minutes from the Best Western Plus in Moncton, so we decided to check them out before making our way to Prince Edward Island.


The rocks really defy description. The wide-ranging tides of the Bay of Fundy (up to 41 feet at this location) have caused the bases of the rocks to become eroded.


Interpretive guides are stationed throughout the park to answer any questions that the tourists have.


One of the most striking displays of the Fundy tidal range is this mud flat. We were there at low tide. The sea water is all the way to the left of the picture. At high tide, the water will be covering all of the foreground over to the green areas on the right of the picture.

It was amazing to see in person.

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