Best Western is offering a $250 Best Western Travel Card to folks that comment on their site “You Must Be Trippin’” describing your best travel adventure.
From You Must Be Trippin’ –
Travel is exciting! We want to hear about your best travel adventures. Whether you discovered someplace new, had a travel mishap or simply had an unforgettable travel experience, share them with us and enter for a chance to win a $250 Best Western Travel Card.

Here is my submission:
One of my best travel adventures was nearly a year and a half ago. A couple of buddies and I took a motorcycle, a scooter, and a Dodge coupe along the west coast of Lower Michigan.
We rode for 4 days and covered one thousand miles. We left home in NW Ohio and headed to the northwest towards Luddington. We encountered rain during the second half of the day, and were about frozen when we arrived at the hotel in Frankfort.
When we travel, we depend on the locals to tell us where the best restaurants are located. After asking the hotel clerk where to try, we walked to the bar that she suggested and ate the best fried perch sandwich that I’ve ever had.
On the second day, we rode from Frankfort to Charlevoix. Along the way, we visited a lighthouse and a winery. However, the most surprising sight of the day was the Sleeping Bear Dunes. If I wouldn’t have known better, I would have thought that I was looking at the Caribbean. The water of Lake Michigan was a beautiful aqua blue.
Day three was the most exciting and semi-terrifying day. The exciting part was rolling over the Straits of Mackinac on the Mackinac Bridge. The semi-terrifying part for my buddy on the scooter was rolling over the grating on the Mackinac Bridge with his skinny rear tire.
We checked into the hotel and decided to climb Castle Rock. It was quite sad how winded we got before we even got to the stairs!
As night started to fall, we rode down to the lakeside part in St. Ignace to view the bridge as the sun set behind us.
The fourth day wasn’t very exciting overall. We essentially burned pavement on the highway all day to get home. The ride home gave me time to reflect on how great of a trip that it had been and to start planning the next trip.
We recorded videos of our trip and posted them online at http://lcchoppers.com/michigan-trip.html. (If you only watch one, Day 3 is my favorite.)
We’re planning our next trip for this Summer. Hopefully, it will be as good or better than this trip.
However, the bar has been set very, very high!

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