Ride to Ruhe’s

June 21st, 2007


We decided at the last moment to ride toward the southern half of our airspace. We left the house and headed toward Ruhe’s Airport. About halfway there, Arch’s bike overheated. Turns out that we didn’t fill it enough after we worked on the radiator. We stopped in Hamler and had a sandwich and fried mushrooms at Kline’s Cold Keg. Arch’s bike cooled off, and he added two bottles of water to the radiator. Then we hit the road.

We arrived at Ruhe’s Airport and saw a guy flying an RC airplane. We walked up to him and talked for about 45 minutes. Turns out that he was the dispatcher for Special Aviation Systems. We work several flights of their Bandeirantes everyday. The dispatcher gave us a tour of one of their airplanes, and we went on our way.
We intended to find the Putnam County Airport, but we missed our road. Turns out that we made a wrong turn and only missed the airport by about a mile. Instead of backtracking, we headed to I75 for the trip back to Toledo.

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