Ride to LifeFlight

July 26th, 2006


I talked to one of the LifeFlight pilots the other day, and he mentioned that we were more than welcome to come over and visit them. Since Arch and I both have motorcycles now, we decided to take a short ride over to the Fulton County Airport and check out the operation.

We took the county roads over and had very little traffic except for farm equipment.
Brian met us at the airport. We talked to the pilot and paramedics for about 10 minutes. One of the paramedics asked us, “So, you rode here on motorcycles. What’s your blood type, so we can make sure we have it on the helicopter?”
We were still talking shop when the phone rang. They were being called out. We got out of the way as they got ready to go. They pulled the helicopter out of the hangar and were gone within 5 minutes.

Arch rode through the Taco Bell drive through as we headed off to Brian’s house in Delta. I spent a half hour playing with his new iMac. What a great computer.
Rain was starting to head into the area, so Arch and I decided to head home.
Overall, it was a great first ride. Both bikes ran very well, and we are both getting more comfortable riding them.

We will be riding most Wednesdays through the rest of the summer.

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  • JH

    Reason #47 my new schedule sucks: I can’t join you guys 🙁

  • Darrell

    My schedule sucks to I work every Wed. You are just going to have to schedule a ride for Tues or Thursday. 🙂

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