Ride to Bowling Green

August 2nd, 2006


Today, we went for our second ride. We went down to the Wood County Airport in Bowling Green.

We started by heading West toward Toledo Express and then South toward Grand Rapids. We continued South until turning East on State Route 6.

Our first stop was near the windmills just West of town. After the photo op, we headed to the airport and BGSU’s Aviation Studies Department. Brian met us there.

We spent nearly 2 1/2 hours talking with their staff. They are a great group of people. We spent a good deal of the time trying to convince them that controllers are real people and really do have souls. After telling a bunch or stories and answering some questions, we headed out to the hangar to check out their airplanes. Their Arrow has a glass cockpit and looks awesome.

A month or two ago some of the hangars were damaged during a thunderstorm. One of the hangars has been completely removed. You can find pictures of the destruction here.

After leaving the airport, Brian headed home; and Arch & I drove to the Pita Pit for a bite to eat. From there, we started towards Waterville.

We made it to Waterville with no setbacks. Unfortunately, we got on Route 24, and Arch’s bike started to sputter. We pulled off to the side of the road and started fiddling with it. It seemed to be starved of gas. Arch switched to the reserve side of the tank, and the motorcycle started back up. We made the turn onto Dutch Road, and the Wing started to sputter again. We pulled off and broke out the tools. Turns out that the fuel filter was plugged. Arch was able to clear it enough to get home.

It’s funny, he said that he bought a bike with a trunk and saddlebags so that he could carry the tools for my bike. It’s ironic that we used the tools that were stowed under my seat to work on his bike. I just want to go on the record that he broke down first.

The weather was a little on the warm side, but the 55 mph breeze helped ease the heat.

We will be riding most Wednesdays through the rest of the summer. Initially, we are going to visit the airports that are in our airspace. Check the LCC Calendar for details.

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