After backtracking from the Hopewell Rocks to Moncton, we turned toward Prince Edward Island. Along the way, there were several moose warning areas.


We stopped for lunch at a little restaurant called Shore Stop that is located in Port Elgin. We had one of the best meals of the trip at this little place. I had a turkey dinner, and my dad had a hamburger steak. Everything was fresh, hot, and delicious. It was so good that dad even tipped the cook!


We made our way across the Northumberland Strait on the six mile long Confederation Bridge. Thankfully, the weather was nice because the bridge does close to motorcycles on windy days.


We stopped at a park to stretch and to take some pictures of the bridge before riding on to Charlottetown.


We checked into the Best Western Charlottetown and offloaded our luggage.

We had dinner at The Pilot House and found out an interesting Canadian food fact. Burgers must be cooked to well done. Pork can be ordered still pink in the middle (which is tasty!), but ground beef must be cooked through.

It’s strange since it’s the opposite here in the states.

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  • During a visit to Washington, DC I was asked by my restaurant waiter how I wanted my hamburger. Being from Canada, I was confused and asked, “What are my options?”. I did not hesitate to say “Well done”. 🙂 

  • After typing this story up, I’ve been hankering for a burger — medium rare!  At least we can all agree that chicken should be fully cooked. 🙂

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