We left Bar Harbor around 9am and decided to take the backroads to get to the border crossing at St. Stephen. One thing about backroads in Maine, there aren’t many of them. Once you are on a road, you are committed to it for a long time.

This resulted in the worst gas shortage scare for me on the trip. It had gotten to the point of looking for people that were mowing their lawns, churches, fire stations, and other people or things that might have gas if one of us ran out.

Thankfully, we happened onto the Airline Snackbar which had an old timey gas pump with tumbling numbers. What a relief!


Our crossing through the new border station at St. Stephen was uneventful and, dare I say, even pleasant. We calibrated our brains to “kilometers per hour,” and rode towards Moncton.


Along the way, we took parts of the Fundy Coastal Drive. The scenery was breathtaking.


Of course, we made the required pilgrimage to Tim Horton’s for the authentic Canadian doughnut eating experience.

We spent the night at the Best Western Plus in Moncton, NB. One of the staff spent extra time asking us about our trip and even suggested that we have dinner at a place called McGinnis Landing.

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