A couple of months ago, I approached Longevity Global about getting a plasma cutter unit in for review. They went one step further and offered us a unit to use in exchange for an advertisement on the site.
One of the stipulations of our contract is that we get to do “a fair and unbiased review” of the unit.
This is that review.

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The ForceCut LP-40D Plasma Cutter with Pilot Arc arrived to my shop in a well-packed box via UPS. Upon arranging the contents of the box on my work bench, I started assembly.
The box did not include an owner’s manual; however, Longevity did email a pdf version of the manual just after I received shipping confirmation. I printed out the pages that I needed to get started, but a hard copy of the manual would have been nice.
The LP-40D is shipped without an electrical plug installed. According to the company, since the unit can be run on 110V or 220V and because of the numerous configurations of 220V plugs, it is not cost effective to include them from the factory. (Makes sense. Nothing a quick trip to the hardware store can’t fix.) Proper wiring information is available on their website. I opted to run the unit on 220V in order to test the complete range of the machine’s capabilities.
After assembling the regulator/filter/water separator, I installed it to the back of the cutter.
The rest of assembly is very straightforward. The ground clamp gets plugged in, the pigtail for the pilot arc is attached to a thumb screw, and the air/electrode is threaded on.
The entire time that I spent on assembly was about 10 minutes including wiring the plug.
The LP-40D requires compressed air at between 60 and 65 PSI as 3.5 CFM for normal cutting. My 2HP air compressor keeps up with no problem whatsoever.
The pilot arc is an interesting bonus to this device. When pulling the trigger on the torch, a small blast of plasma “sparks” out of the tip. This allows the arc to jump from the torch to the metal without having to drag start or use high frequency. You can also start a cut on dirty or painted metal with ease.
According to the Longevity website, the ForceCut LP-40D “weighs in at only 25lbs and can run off 110 or 220 volt making it the ultimate in portability! This plasma cutter can cut any kind of metal including aluminum, stainless steel or even copper!” It also states that the LP-40D can cut 1/2″ steel and 1/4″ aluminum.
This little cutter is perfect for hobbyist and for small fab shops. And for just under $600, it won’t break the bank!
Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mzwp/sets/72157623620277777/


    Just posted this review to my twitter account. Thanks for posting it! Would you mind if I repost to my website- I will give your site full credit!)


    Sorry forgot to mention that we are a Longevity dealer of plasma cutters and welders and a review would be great to have for our site – check us out @ Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment, http://www.nhproequip.com. Again, thanks…

  • Please feel free to repost it, just post a link to this page.



    Thanks, I will make sure to do that!

  • Campmans

    I got mine at welder-pros.com. Cheapest price on the internet.

  • Phil Tuttobene

    STAY FAR AWAY from this Chinese rebrander! First unit cam in DOA. Send unit came in used and blew up after a few hours. BUY AMERICAN, for a few more dollars buy a Miller or Lincoln. Better to buy a used Miller if you cant afford a good machine.

  • Phil Tuttobene

    “I got mine at welder-pros.com. Cheapest price on the internet.”
    CORRECTION. Longevity was selling direct on Amazon. Although they tried to cover that up and have since closed their store. I bought mine (POS) for $458.00 + FREE SHIPPING. Didnt matter , still a POS. Packing slip showed it shipped fromt he factory , NOT AMAZON.

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