Ride to Kelleys Island

July 10th, 2015


I had never taken the bike over to Kellys Island. The weather was perfect, so I figured I’d take the trip.


I had a late lunch at the Island House Inn before riding around the island. I stopped at the airport to see if anything was there, but it was entirely empty.

The scenery along the north shoreline was beautiful.


The ride to and from the island on the ferry was very smooth and only took about twenty minutes.

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One of my new favorite places in Downtown Toledo is Black Cloister Brewing Company.

I was excited when I found out that a new brewery was going to be opening downtown. They offered a Kickstarter which I backed and a Mug Club which I quickly joined.

It is an excellent taproom that is nice and laid back. I try to make it down there at least once a week.

I had been thinking about welding something up for them for a while, and the idea for a lamp started working its way around my head.

The lamp resembles their chalice logo and is made from 1/4″ A36 HR plate, 3″ square tube, and a standard craft bulb with a switched cord.

Check it out when you visit, and tell them we sent you!

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Navy T45

June 22nd, 2015


We had a cool visitor at KTOL the other day.

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