Linbars for V Star 1300T

March 9th, 2011


I had been thinking for a long time of adding highway bars to my 2007 V Star 1300 Tourer, but I wanted to find ones that weren’t overly intrusive.

After a bit of research at, I found that the most recommended crash bars were Lindby Linbars. The Linbars are custom made for the 1300; so the assembly was easy, and the aesthetics are great. At $315 from our friends at Cruiser Customizing, the price wasn’t too bad either.

These particular bars incorporate highway pegs into their design. Instead of having a semi-circle shape with pegs mounted inside, the Linbars hug the frame until turning outwards in a dramatic 90 degree turn to horizontal. The horizontal part of the bars has rubber O-rings to improve grip while using the “peg” area.

I really like the way these bars look and feel. I wanted something with a low profile, and the Linbars for the V Star 1300 certainly deliver on that.

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