HJC FS-3 Helmet Review

May 10th, 2010

Earlier this year, our friends at Riders Discount sent us a HJC FS-3 motorcycle helmet.
This week, I took a trip to Cleveland. The 2 hour ride each way gave me enough time to evaluate the helmet and decide whether or not it was a good addition to my gear.
The helmet is a convertible of sorts with either a full-face clear shield or simple visor. The face shield can be raised and will stay up while riding at speed. During warm weather, low-speed riding, the visor is perfect. You can still have the wind in your face and have the protection of a 3/4 helmet.
During my trip, I had the opportunity to experience all types of speed and traffic conditions.
In low-speed, high-density, downtown Cleveland rush hour traffic, there was no head buffeting and the face shield provided excellent visibility.
In high-speed, Ohio Turnpike traffic, there was more buffeting than my half-helmet; however, there was much less wind noise. To me, it’s a valid trade off.
Overall, I like this helmet. It allows me to ride into work without the face shield in the afternoon and provides full-face protection for the cooler rides home at night. Both the visor and the face shield fit nicely in my saddlebags for use in case the weather changes.
For more info: http://www.ridersdiscount.com/street-gear/helmets-open-face/54185.php

  • kj

    How do you remove the visor without breaking it or the mount?

  • The face shield and visor have plastic tabs that slide in and out of grooves on the helmet.  I haven’t broken any of the hardware on it yet, but the parts are replaceable.


    I like the helmet and looking into getting one.  What color is the one shown? Anthracite?

  • Yes, the helmet in the picture is Anthracite. It’s a great helmet.

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