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I finally decided to pick up a lift from HF the other day. We’ve been doing more and more maintenance for all of our bikes, so I figured it was time to stop doing it while lying on the concrete floor.

The lift is hydraulically driven, and according to the specs, it will lift up to 1100 pounds to a height of 30 inches off of the floor.


We tested the lift on a Vulcan 900 that was due for an oil change. The bike lift easily lifted the Vulcan off of the ground. After reaching the top limit of the hydraulic ram’s travel, the bike and lift seemed to be very stable.

I would be hesitant to leave the lift at the mid point because the lifting bars are their furthest distance from the base. I could see that causing some instability if you really had to wrench on something.

I can see this thing paying for itself in no time.

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Harbor Freight High Position Motorcycle Lift

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    I’m on the hunt for a motorcycle lift table for my shop. Anyone have any good ideas? Most of what I see online (like from Handy) is in the $800 – 1k range, but I have to believe there are rigs out there that will work just fine for less than that. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or if thats just what they cost.

    motorcycle lift tables

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